The Hispanic University of America: an opportunity and obligation

The journeys of many societal leaders are remarkable. Embedded in those journeys are a purpose, struggle, a calling, a question, and often, a chip on a shoulder that has driven these leaders to endure what they have. Consider the journeys of Rosie Castro, Gloria Zamora, Gil Coronado, Belle Ortiz, Jessie Treviño and Antonio Rigual.

Castro is an activist and educator who has advocated for removing racial and economic boundaries from communities. She has raised two national leaders in former U.S. Housing Secretary Julián Castro and U.S. Rep.  Joaquin Castro. 

As a schoolteacher in the 1950s, Zamora sparked the beginning of early childhood bilingual education when she closed the door to her classroom and spoke to Spanish-speaking first graders in their native tongue when speaking Spanish was against the law in Texas.

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