Sandlot baseball poses unseen risks for players

Sandlot baseball players come from all walks of life, with a proliferation of ragtag teams populated by artists, graphic designers, musicians, service industry workers, city employees, construction workers and teachers. Most are amateurs generally a far cry from the game shape of professional athletes, so it would make sense that minor injuries such as bruises and pulled muscles are just part of the game.

But as the sandlot trend has blossomed from one early San Antonio-based team to seven at last count, much more serious injuries are becoming part of the game.

In March, entrepreneur Mattison Bills of Three Six General butcher shop in San Marcos and player with the Texas Dingers suffered a broken ankle with torn ligaments on a routine slide into home base during a scrimmage. An initial diagnosis left her facing surgery estimated at $20,000-$30,000, a bill she’d have to foot herself having been “between insurances” at the time of the injury.

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