Details emerge on what led SAISD to end 1882 partnership contract

The San Antonio Independent School District board of trustees voted after a hearing Thursday to terminate its partnership agreement with the School Innovation Collaborative (S-I-C) effective Friday.

That means that SAISD will regain full control of Bowden Academy, Lamar Elementary School, Gates Elementary School and Cameron Elementary School, which were being operated by the nonprofit. Trustees for S-I-C, which has denied wrongdoing, are set to meet early Friday to approve the termination agreement.

The mutual decision came after an SAISD investigation uncovered two employees working at a non-SAISD “micro-school” that was operating on the same campus of a separate charter school in partnership with another public Texas school district. The employees were fulfilling roles for S-I-C instead of performing their jobs at SAISD campuses they were assigned to, according to district officials.

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